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  • QC Director 
    Quality Department
    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above in food, traditional Chinese pharmacology, pharmacy, chemistry and related majors;

    2. A minimum five-year lab-related management experience;

    3. Familiar with inspection-related theory and operation;

    4. Familiar with essential inspection instruments and equipment;

    5. Strong understanding ability and demonstrated team spirit;

    6. Familiar with the requirements of GMP for heath food QC lab and inspection;

    7. Background in food microorganism;

    8. Excellent linguistic proficiency of English;

    9. Proficient in using computer office software;

    10. Familiar with the requirements of GMP for health food QC lab.

    Job description:

    1. Organize and coordinate works of QC staff;

    2. Organize training and appraisal of QC staff;

    3. Review QC related documents;

    4. Draft or organize the preparation of QC related management procedures;

    5. Organize inspection method verification/confirmation;

    6. Take part in the development of process verification and cleaning verification/confirmation plan;

    7. Review, sign and issue material and finished product inspection report;

    8. Take charge of the determination of job responsibilities of QC staff;

    9. Coordinate the completion of QC inspection instrument and equipment verification/confirmation; 

    10. Take part in material supplier auditing;

    11. Implement and accomplish other works assigned by the leadership.

  • Drug Registrat... 
    Marketing Department
    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above in pharmacy or related majors, a minimum 1-year related experience;

    2. Familiar with drug registration related laws, regulations and guiding principles;

    3. Competent in independent searching of national registration regulations and laws and related industry information;

    4. Equipped with College English Test Band Four or above, proficient in English reading and capable of searching foreign related websites, such as that of FDA.

    Job description:

    1. Take charge of updating, collecting and sorting/proper conveying of regulations, laws, technical guidelines on drug registration, development and application and industry information;

    2, Take charge of searching domestic and foreign registration information regarding approved varieties;

    3. Take charge of product supplementary application and re-registration in accordance with laws and regulations;

    4. Take charge of business communication with Chinese registration authorities and following up critical control points and trouble shooting of various links;

    5. Accomplish other works assigned by the superior.

  • Academic Prom... 
    Marketing Department
    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above, a minimum 1-year working experience;

    2. Pharmacy related majors;

    3. Working experience in psychiatric department. 

    Job description:

    1. Capable of independently making promotion instruments and ppt;

    2. Capable of delivering ppt speech to professionals;

    3. Carrying out specialized trainings of sales person and agents.


  • Marketing Spec... 
    Sales Department
    Job requirements:

    1. Being active, ambitious and enthusiastic about what is responsible;

    2. Being sensitive to numbers, proficient in excel and other simple statistical software;

    3. Follow the company’s arrangement; preliminary knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry is preferable; experience is not a must.

    Job description:

    1. Take charge of the collection and statistical processing of related market data for the promotion by front end marketing personnel;

    2. Take charge of statistical processing of data, follow up market changes and propose sales suggestions; coordinate sales personnel to expand market demands;

  • Provincial Sal... 
    Sales Department
    Job requirements:

    Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, and so on.

    1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing and related majors;

    2. A minimum 2-year marketing experience; experience in sales management is desired;

    3. Good relationship with a large number of clients and demonstrated performance;

    4. A strong market analysis, marketing and promotion capacity and demonstrated communication and coordination skills and problem analysis and solving ability;

    5. Dedicated occupational spirit and certain leadership ability.

    Job description:

    1. Take charge of market investigation and demand analysis;

    2. Take charge of annual sales forecast, target setting and interpretation; 

    3. Determine the target system and sales quota of the Sales Department;

    4. Develop sales plans and budget;

    5. Manage sales channels and clients;

    6. Train sales personnel.